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June 10, 2008


Sue Jennings

Oh Carrie, these are just beautiful, I love the warmth and connection that just spills out of your images. These will be so treasured forever, I'm sure. What a simply gorgeous family, I love how happy they are - was going to say I love the shot of Isla and Sabine together, but as I scrolled down, I love every one :) Best wishes to Tanya, Luke, Isla and Sabine xxxxx


Just love the last pic with Tanya and Luke so happy. I know looking at my own family pics the ones where we can see genuine happiness are our favourites, cause they capture a moment in time that is treasured
Lovely photos as usual Carrie. I am sure that your clients will treasure them!


carrie they are just a beautiful set of photos that will be treasured forever and the love can just be felt leaping from the last photo. Lots of love to Tanya,Luke, Isla and sabine. xx

Kate Fewster

What a gorgeous family!
I was moved to comment even before I read about dear little Isla.
What is amazing is that something with such a scary name and diagnosis could be represented by such a lively and beautiful soul.
These pictures are so joyful Carrie - what a warm and lovely family.


What beautiful girls with such amazing chocolate eyes :o)
All the photos are gorgeous but the last one, well wow - it made me smile.
Much love & laughter to Tanya,Luke,Isla & Sabine xx

Carrie Young

Thank you so much ladies :o)


Carrie - gorgeous piccies as always. What a beautiful family. The one of Luke nursing the girls is just lovely - something very special about a dad and his girls.


Wow, Isla and Sabine (and her mummy and daddy!) are absolutely beautiful, as usual you have captured them so well Carrie

Caitlin Domanico Photography

What a gorgeous session....I know a little boy with Batten's, he just got back from China for stem cell treatments. What a tough thing this must be to go through. Best of luck and strength to the family. I'm so glad you were able to do these beautiful session for them.


Children and family life can just break your heart. I hope these beautiful photos give the family a little bit of cheer on the tough days.
Best wishes to Luke, Tanya, Isla & Sabine

Kara May

Carrie, these are amazing!! Oh I pray for Isla and her family. What precious images that will be cherished forever. You did an outstanding job capturing the fun, happiness, and closeness of this family. A true gift.


Wow, Carrie you have such a great talent for capturing love and the beauty in a family. They are such amazing pictures.
Isla and Sabine have the most extraordinary eyes!!
Lots of love and strength to all the family, and especially little Isla. All my best wishes xoxo


Gorgeous Carrie and aren't your little subjects just divine:) I also love the one of Isla and Sabine with their daddy - so special.
Lots of love and prayers for this lovely family and especially beautiful Isla. XOX


They are all so Gorgeous. They are lucky to have such beautiful photos of their family. I am off to read about cute Miss Isla.

Holly Netto

Beautiful pics Carrie, love them all especially the one with her and her Mumma, what beautiful interaction.


Carrie once again you have shown me what an amazing lady you are, the pictures are beautful capturing such a loving family. your generosity inspires me to offer Luke and Tanya their choice of photo or canvas as a gift from my family. We wish you all the best and many happy moments. xx


Hi Carrie,
im a regular visitor to your Blog, i found it thru Sheye Rosemyer's Blog, i just love your photo's (as i do Sheye's)
I was SO moved by Isla, her family and your Beautiful images. I Day Cared a little girl whom suffered a very similar illness,her prognoses was the same as Isla's, she passed away at the age of 2 in August 2007.
Please pass my thougths a best wishes onto this beatuiful family, i know from my experience they have a long road ahead and it won't be easy.. but with lots of LOVE and support i know they will survive it for the love of their Beautiful daughter.
regards karen

Janine Guidera

Oh Carrie, these are amazing. What a beautiful family, and what they must go through is heartbreaking. They look so loving and positive. Of course, these things only happen to the most amazing and caring of people.

Janine Guidera

Oh Carrie, these are amazing. What a beautiful family, and what they must go through is heartbreaking. They look so loving and positive. Of course, these things only happen to the most amazing and caring of people.


i just adore your black and whites...
can i be you when i grow up!

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